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ZIALAND – Unbridled & Ablaze






is a mood, a feeling, a place to wrap yourself in when it's raining or you're on the train to work or your dog needs a nap or when you're doing your accounting or you simply need a good cry.

ZIALAND is Cinematic Soul Pop, where old school songwriting flirts with electronic elements sprinkled on top like a dark, hybrid cake. She loves the shiiit out of good harmonies and pretty chords that feel uplifting to her, but is actually deeply melancholic to most.

ZIALAND is currently exploring her musical identity deviating hard from her 2018 Unbridled & Ablaze record and The Light Below from 2014. Hopefully that's a good thing, otherwise she'll be the reason why ropes are flying off the shelves in 2020.

ZIALAND has worked with a mountain of Artists and Producers, DJ’s and Engineers and has got some songs on TV shows and movies.

ZIALAND is a strong supporter of the LGBTQI community - She's a feminist, a bread maker, a pretend photographer, a writer, a mother, dabbles in video making and abides by the "fuck it" philosophy and believes in the fundamental premise that you shouldn't act like a dick just because you can. ZIALAND welcomes queries about collaborations, cause Life's too short not to be open for what's around the corner. Unless it's a forest fire. Or a bullet.

photo by Grayson Gilbert